Q Link Wireless CEO’s Lifeline Phone Service

Q Link Wireless CEO Issa Asad is a well-known entrepreneur and marketing strategist who did an out of the box thing which helps low-income eligible citizens to make a free phone call. Mr. Asad is the founder of Q Link wireless telecommunication company which is headquartered in Florida, US. The company is so famous because of its federal lifeline program. The program ensures to provide affordable landline and mobile phone connections to eligible customers. The benefit is limited to one member of a house. This program is only available in some states and the fund is provided by the universal service fund.

Application can be given directly through Q link wireless website. Q Link wireless CEO says that they are encouraging qualified citizen to apply and use its benefit. Those who have low-income based on the federal guidelines can apply for it. And, he/she should also be a part of federal assistance programs such as Medicaid, Food stamps, etc. The applicant should submit documents proving the eligibility and income. ID card should also be provided to prove the identity and citizenship. Applicants must give their name, date of birth, present home address and tribal ID number or social security number.

Applicants should re-certificate their eligibility annually. Q link wireless CEO, Issa Asad says that if one fails to submit the necessary documents as per the annual deadline, he/she may not continue to get the service. He says that all the procedures for fresh applications and recertification are done very quickly in Q link. This lifeline phone service not only helps to access the emergency services, but also can improve the life styles by using it for a job or medical care. It has now become a vital communication medium for the disabilities and low income people. Lifeline phone service and the federal assistance program can truly make one struggling family stable.


Golf Exhibitions And Trade Shows

If you have been looking to pick up a new hobby which can help you to spend a lot of time, you might want to consider taking up golf. Golf itself is definitely not a cheap hobby to pick up as you would have spend a lot of money on buying the golf stick, travelling to the golf place and then renting the field for an hour or two. But if you do not mind spending the money, you can definitely be able to spend easily a few hours playing golf.

golfThe good thing about playing golf is that you can chat and talk with your friends or partners at the same time while playing it. It is a very relaxing hobby which helps you to calm your mind down and takes you away from all your worldly problems. Therefore you should definitely consider taking up golf as a hobby if you are looking for a new hobby.

If you do not know where to start after you have decided to pick up golf as a hobby, you might want to try and check out some golf exhibitions and trade shows around in your area. In this exhibitions, there will be a lot of companies offering packages which will teach you how to play golf, or just simple discounted packages at the golf course. What’s more, most of these trade shows are exhibitions do not have any entrance fee, so you definitely have nothing to lose at all apart from your time just by visiting these shows just to get a feel of how it is like.

In some of these exhibitions and trade shows, some of them might even have carved out a small space for you to try out playing golf. So if you are completely new and just want to have a feel of it before committing, it is definite the best place to visit.

But what if you are an experienced golf player already? Do not worry for these exhibitions will definitely have something catered for you too. You can expect great and huge discounts apart from freebies from most of the suppliers or golf course operators.

So what are you waiting for? This is definitely the time now to try and source for the next golf exhibition or trade show available in your country or town. You can easily find them by googling or visiting online golf communities or portals.